Mobility and logistics

The mobility and logistics sector offers huge margins of improvement to the companies that operate in it. ONTESTING offers a wide range of tracking systems. We develop projects based on various technologies depending on the requirements and needs of customers. These are the most prominent:

  • Communication via GPRS, 3G, 4G, CATM, NBIoT. Cellular outdoor technology with the ability to triangulate to know the location of the device. OTDOA in case of NBIoT and CAMT.
  • GPS and GNSS with different accuracies and antennas to adapt to each possible use
  • Location by WIFI and with BLE (beacons) indoors
  • Systems and equipment optimized for minimum consumption
  • Systems for vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, people
  • Specific solutions for cold chain

In addition, we have the ability to customize all the hardware of the tracking device, including the antenna and LDS antennas (Laser Direct Structure) for very small equipment. We can also use SIM, eSIM and eSIM for remote monitoring from dashboard and on platforms cloud.