We take confidentiality contracts with our customers very seriously. For this reason, the projects described here do not include details that can be revealed by companies that have trusted us.


SCENARIO: Our client is developing a video game console that is a PC. Or what is the same, that PC users can play with a portable terminal.

SOLUTION: We carry out the complete electronics design using an AMD SOC as the core of the development. In the design we incorporate the functionalities and peripherals typical of a high-end PC such as:

  • DDR4 RAM
  • Solid State Storage System
  • USB A, MicroUSB and USB-C
  • 5.9 inch HD display

For development we have the direct support of AMD by introducing us to its Early Adopters program.

BENEFITS: The customer gets all the electronics complying with the specifications and with the guarantees of a local supplier.

Big data

SCENARIO: Our client is a manufacturer of necessary equipment for beer consumption. Its customers are beer suppliers but needs to offer added value to the product to differentiate rom the competition.

SOLUTION: We design a complete system for monitoring and control of facilities. Thanks to the deployment of multiple sensors distributed in several elements, it is possible to capture data in bulk.

This information is collected and transmitted to a cloud platform for storage and monitoring. Ultimately, this big data structure allows strategic decisions.

BENEFITS: ONTESTING client can offer, not only the necessary materials to carry out the installations, but also monitoring and control elements that help to improve their knowledge and management.

Olfactory marketing

SCENARIO: The client is a leading professional aromatization system manufacturer in the domestic and professional sector. Comes to ONTESTING with a double objective: to improve technology to avoid service interruptions and reduce operating costs.

SOLUTION: The work is based on the design of a complete system of control and management of aromatization machines. These devices will be activated remotely and automatically, based on the use of WIFI, Bluetooth, 2G or 4G technology and communications.

BENEFITS: The new platform allows the client to manage the devices from the cloud. The result is an immediate optimization of the costs of operations and maintenance of the facilities. Their devices work much better and their management is much simpler. Obviously, the companies that have contracted the services of our client have also noticed an enormous improvement in the service when the interruptions of the same fall drastically.

Smart heating

SCENARIO: Our client is a manufacturer of high-end electric radiators that needs, in an imperative way, to differentiate itself from its competition with new high-value-added features for users.

SOLUTION: After analyzing the case and listening to its needs, we started working on a complete system of control and monitoring of high efficiency modular electric radiators. The system has communications wireless, using WIFI or Bluetooth technologies. The result is much more efficient radiators, lower energy consumption and more environmentally friendly.

BENEFITS: The new benefits and functionalities of the radiators place our client in a new market scenario, in which it stands out for a product much more in line with current times. The product has improved and the prestige of its brand has been revalued.